This blog has had many faces, but always one author. I have sought to express my faith through printed words (well printed on the internet). However, faith, while the most important, is not the only aspect of my life. Being an avid sports fan I like to write about sports too. This blog is the intersection of those two passions of mine. There will be posts solely about faith, there will also be posts about sports, and sometimes these posts will intersect and relate to each other. I will write about things I like to talk about. Hopefully, you like what you see, and maybe even start conversations. I know it may seem odd to have a faith blog and a sports blog on the same website, but for me, I want to write about my life and these two things are how I live my life. I love my faith first and live it out, and I love sports (watching and playing). Everything that we do, say, and act represents the God that we present through our testimony. Therefore this blog is set up as an outreach of who I am, both in my faith and my love for sports. Look around and enjoy!