Welcome to A Sporting Pastor where faith and sports meet.

As a pastor in The United Methodist Church, I always am wrestling with how do I live out my faith in the “real world” (that is outside of the church). Over my life, I have found this balance between two of my biggest passions. That is my faith and sports. Both have been an active part of my life since I was a young child. To neglect either denies part of who I am. Therefore, I welcome you to this blog where hopefully I look at both faith and sports, separately and together. I hope that through these words you take on the passion of what drives you.

In this blog you will (hopefully) find:

  • The sermons that I preach at the church I serve
  • What is going on in the world of sports (at least all that I can keep up with and write about)
  • How I encounter my faith in the world
  • And sometimes how faith and sports meet through inspiring stories or my running thoughts.

I hope you will join me on this adventure as I seek to write some of the stuff that clutters my head on a daily basis. Explore, comment, and open a dialogue.