Well its the beginning of Lent and as I said in my first post I am taking up blogging. This is my first ever real blog so I will try to make sense. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter that represent Jesus’ time in the desert when he was tempted by Satan. As Jesus spent this time in the desert he fasted and starved himself. To represent the fasting that Jesus did Christians will often give something up. Something that represents a luxury in their life or something that in some way hinders your relationship with Jesus.

This year my fasting is more of a luxury that is being given up. This year I will be giving up eating at fast food restaurants and take-out eateries. In my life I have noticed I have not been very frugal with my spending and it has hindered my living and often makes living and being able to afford doing things so basic because of I go around spending money. I feel that this will help me in the long run to show that i can go on without spending money. This will also help me as I am getting married in June and bad spending habits can tarnish relationships.

Along with giving things up it has become a norm now-a-days for people to take up something that can bring them closer in their walk with God. As a seminary student I have found that spirituality is often tough to keep up with (irony). As I have been in seminary I have actually noticed how my spiritual reading has lacked. While i read the Bible for class. I often do not get an opportunity to spend my own personal time in the Bible and reflect on my reading. I also do not get chances to reflect on spiritual writings that can help me build on my spiritual journey. I often take my course books and skim through them just enough to get the info needed. During Lent, and again further hopefully, I am going to really focus on my readings and spiritual formation.

Lent can definitely be a trying time and can sometimes test you. In thinking about this Lent and what I would do I thought of things that were hindering my personal being and often times self and spiritual care is affective of your walk with God. Through this I hope to develop my own self and prepare myself for the calling I have received from God.


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