Well its over and I enjoyed myself. That is the Lay Servants Training in which I attended to teach mini courses at. This weekend was very gratifying in terms of trying work on getting the church to reach out to people outside the church. In seminary I am currently taking a class on Evangelism from Dr. Drew Dyson and he also assisted me a bit in working through what to actually talk about to all the people at the Lay Servant Academy. Between my class this semester and my class on missions with Dr. Dyson during J-term I am learning a lot about reaching out to people outside the church.

This weekend I used the Practical Theology Framework proposed by Richard Osmer of Princeton Seminary. The framework has a heavy placement on conversation with people outside of the church and I really emphasized that point when I taught this class. Talking is essential to any facet of life and allows us to form relationships. And forming relationships are what being Christians are all about. Forming these relationships allow people to have a sense of trust instilled within them about Christianity.

So as we consider what we can do to help reach out to the people in church I have found that this idea of conversation is one that has struck a chord with me. I think it could be a very effective method in the church and I hope that all those who took my mini-courses this weekend and those of you who read this would consider conversation as a means of reaching to those outside of the church.


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