The Loop

Today as I was working I was trying to find something to do to pass the time. I was trying to take a break from work since I hadn’t really taken a day off in a while with all the work I had due at the beginning of this week. As I searched I found a show called The Loop. The show is about a recent college grad who is an executive at an airline and literally seems like he is worked to death. He i also in a crisis of trying to uphold the social life of a 24 year old man as well. As most of us know this can be quite difficult and most of the things that he does are quite comical.

This reminds me of my life of a seminary student in that it takes a lot to try and get all of your work done and still be able to have a social life and hangout with people. Life can be so daunting in terms of work we have to remember to keep some personal time in our lives. When we get worked up we get stressed and stress never leads to anything good. If we take time off for ourselves we can keep our head clear and keep our bodies healthy.


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