Reading Week

As I contemplate on all the work I have to do this coming reading week I ponder on the fact that they call it reading week and not spring break like they did in college. THis makes me think of all the ways that seminary is different than my college career and how much more challenged I have been since I have been at Wesley. Grad School has been one of the most hectic and difficult experiences of my life. All the thousands of pages of reading we have to do and the papers that have to be written seem to pile up and become monstrous. Grad School can be very frightening if not prepared for it. The one thing that helps keep my sanity is my friends at Wesley who are always willing to just hangout. Whether hangout means to have a theological conversation about some readings we have done or to just sit down and watch some WWE wrestling. Friends are what are keeping me sane while I’m in seminary. Last night I talked about the ideas of balancing a work life and social life and today I’m talking about the importance of having that social. Jesus made sure he had his 12 disciples who were always with him and no matter how much work he did he could always look back to them to help him have a good time. Friends are very good to have and I encourage you to keep them close and not let them get away because when you get so consumed by your work you just become a huge stress ball with no outlet to relieve that stress.

Im lucky to have friends from each stage of my life who I know I can always turn to when I need to have a good time. Whenever I am looking to have fun or do a certain thing I know which friends to call. As I embark on reading week I understand the amount of work that I must do, but I also understand that I must also have time to relax especially with the hectic semester that is currently unfolding.


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