I really wasn’t sure what to write today cause I really didn’t do much of note that brought any major thoughts. However, I did look back at previous posts and saw the amount of time I spent on self-care and most people are probably thinking…Wow this guy takes care of himself. Well that unfortunately is not necessarily the case. As I have been in seminary for a few months and I have learned more about the importance of self-care I am slowly trying to get better at doing it. As I have mentioned on other occasions taking care of yourself can lead to a more spiritual relationship between yourself and God. This is very important in the life of a pastor whose concerns often revolve around others. Even though we spend so much time caring for others we must still care for ourselves or our ability to help others will diminish. This could go for almost anybody in any profession or just in regular life as well.

So remember take some time to yourself. Relax and cover stuff on your agenda. It may be tough but in the long run you will feel better about the work you do for others.


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