Today I had the honor to take communion twice in on sunday at two different churches, and these were the 4th and 5th times this week. On weeks like this I am so happy I am a Christian. God reminds us in so many ways that he died for us, but there is something about communion that just makes me feel extra special. Communion along with Baptism are the two sacraments in most protestant faiths. I believe along the same lines as John Wesley in that there is a real presence of Christ in the bread and wine (grape juice). We don’t believe in any transformation in the elements or anything along those lines, but we do believe Christ is present in the sacrament. In thinking this way it always makes me wonder why people opt to only take communion once a month. In growing up in the Methodist Church that is how often I did it, but as I have grown and have learned this deeper meaning of communion I ask myself the same question John Wesley asked. “Why wouldn’t you take it as often as you can.” I worked for a pastor a couple of years ago who described the process of communion and the idea of weekly communion as “You are what you eat” and isn’t that  just an awesome way to describe something like that. The more we take communion the more we are able to experience Christ and hopefully you become more like him as well. As more people understood what communion is truly my hope is that people would want communion more often because they realize what it can do for the and how it can affect their faith journeys.


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