So I can’t think really of anything to write on so I figured I would reflect on these first two weeks if blogging for Lent. Blogging has been an interesting experience. I have never been a very big fan of blogging primarily cause I always had problems writing down my thoughts. Although I am able to talk about what is in my mind, writing them down in terms of journalling and/or blogging has always been tough. When I undertook this endeavor during Lent I knew it was a way for me to not only learn something new, but to also take what I am learning in terms articulating my thoughts and using that to help me get stuff out of my mind. In my Spiritual Formation class we have talked about journalling as a spiritual discipline which can be a way to formulate what is going on in our minds and allow us to work through it by writing it down. It symbolizes us letting it go and giving it to God. My experiences with blogging in the past have not been good because of this idea of not being able to write down what I am thinking most times. In contemplating things I could take up during Lent I wanted something that would challenge me in my faith journey. As I thought of spiritual disciplines that would help me grow I saw journalling and I thought that would be nice. Then as I further thought I contemplated on the idea I thought that blogging would be nice. While blogging is not journalling it does have its resemblances. So through all of this I am beginning to learn better ways to articulate my thought.


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