How is Seminary?

You know I get asked a lot about my seminary experience so far and how it is going for me. Well for all my blog followers (I know some of you go to seminary and know this) Seminary is tough and very hard and challenging. But what in life isn’t challenging. I don’t like when people answer back when I say seminary is tough with “I’m sorry”. Its not that I don’t think they are sincere when they say it because I know they are, but its more than that. I like that it is tough and challenging. If I went into seminary expecting it to be easy than it would seem that there would be no point for it. God calls us to do things that are difficult, but he always gives us the resources needed to do what he wants us to do. As I know that seminary is challenging and very tough at times I also know that this is my call from God, and he will not let me fail and will help me do what I need to do to fulfill his call for me.

I just got done with a paper for my Hebrew Bible midterm and everything that could go wrong with it went wrong at one point or another. To start I forgot my books at school and was graced with friends who were able to allow me to use their books in the process of writing this paper. Then it sometimes just became difficult to find things I needed in the texts. However through all of this I found all that I needed and was equipped to be able to finish this assignment. This assignment represents seminary as a whole and not just the one class in that when things seem bleak in seminary I just need to remember that God would not call me on a journey he is not prepared to help me on.


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