Sorry been a busy weekend spending time with my fiancé and trying to get ready for midterm week, aka Hell Week #1 (Hell Week #2 is finals).

Since I was 5 years old I have been physically active in some kind of physical activity. I have been running since I was 10. I got my first pair of real running shoes, that I was fitted for when I was 13. Running has been a part of my life for so long and I never really pictured myself without it. I have run in lots of 5 and 10k’s, I’ve run a half marathon and a couple full marathons. I ran Cross Country and track in High School and was not that bad at it looking back at my times. However when I was a freshman in college I was involved in an accident playing softball in which i bruised and damaged my LCL (lateral collateral ligament) in my left knee as well as fractured my Tibia (Shinbone). This injury sidelined me for about 8 months before I got out of Physical Therapy and was even able to just walk on it correctly. It has been almost four years since that injury and I still have trouble running. Whenever I try my knee will lock up or just writhe in pain. My doctor says I need to still ween my way back into running, but I can’t give up. My doctors realize how much of an asset running is in my life because of the length of time I have done it and my general passion for it as well. After being a Christian I would say being a runner is one of the things that defines me, but I have trouble saying that nowadays. I have let this injury deter me from running and it is one of the worst things I could have done to myself in my life. What would God think if I did the same thing with my faith. Most people have rough patches in their faith, but we can’t let one bad incident ruin our faith forever. Much like the doctors tell me sometimes you have to ween yourself back into it, but it is important not give up on something such as faith. this lesson about running is something I am still learning. This is partially a lesson to all you who read my blog about not letting things get in the way of faith, but this is also a vent for me and my running. I am most upset with myself for having fallen this far. And I want people to know that much like when things happen with my faith I am going to be better about getting back in to running. I encourage you to remember a time like this with your faith, or if you see someone else struggling pass along a message similar to this one. It is always important to note that one bad incident cannot ruin a life. That is why Jesus died, to save us all from the bad things in our lives.


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