What is Evangelism?

Evangelism is one of the foundational ways in which Christians reach out and convert people, but it is more than that. Evangelism encompasses more than just sharing a story, but it involves a love for God and for the person you are in conversation with. People in the past have viewed Evangelism as somewhat of a chore that one must due in order to enhance ones own faith. However, when this occurs a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement can be lost in conversations had with people they are trying to evangelize to. This loss of encouragement and enthusiasm can lead to bad evangelism and to people being uncomfortable and even have bad feelings toward Christians. Forced evangelism does not work and leads to these feelings and harsh attitudes towards Christians, so how can we possibly see this as the definition of evangelism. In order to make evangelism seem like less of chore we need to instill an idea of the importance and a want of people to do evangelism.

To me Evangelism is the sharing of God’s Love, not the word of God and the good news of Jesus (Well not directly). These concepts are all included in God’s Love, but I feel that the primary point of evangelism is about Love. The person you are evangelizing to is trying to be convinced that this faith is the best one for them. I cannot think of a better way to show them that than to show them that this is a faith where we love each other. God showed his love for us as we  hear in John 3:16 that he sent his only son. Then we see the love of Jesus when he died on the cross for us and for our sins. So then why is it we make reaching out and evangelizing seem like such a chore for us and seem like we are the ones sacrificing everything just to do this task that we see as tedious. When I go out to evangelize I always make sure I leave all of my problems back where I came from. It is important that we exemplify this love of god that we are supposed to be putting across to the people we talk to. Not to say that all evangelism is done wrong because there are many people who we can look at who actually show compassion for the people they are evangelizing to and I feel that they are doing it right.

I have preached many times about Evangelism and what it is about. In these sermons I have not outright told people that they have to go out and evangelize (while I think they should), but instead I show them ways to evangelize and I explain about this love. It is often not even the words that you say to someone to try and convert them, but it is your attitude and they way you portray God through your actions. People will judge you based on how you portray yourself and they will also be judging our entire faith. Often times evangelism can be seen by the person on the outside as someone talking for the entire Christian faith. We need to keep these ideas in mind as we consider what Evangelism is. In contemplating these things I feel that Evangelism is spreading God’s word and reaching out to others, but I feel that this is only done through the love of God and through love of our neighbors.


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