Wow so this past week has been horrendous. I have had 2 mid-terms which took so much out of me. Then this weekend I helped with scholarship weekend and one sunday I had 5 interviews for potential internship sites. Sometimes it made it hard to catch my breath and I was not able to get on here and write blogs. I realized that I had taken this up for Lent and that in a sense I failed at doing that, but I think I failed even more at just taking a breath. So often you hear, “Just stop and smell the roses” said to people who are moving 100 miles per minute. Well that was me last week I was trying to get everything done that needed to be done as well as try and help out here on campus. I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me, but rather to understand how important that breath is in our day, and by breath I don’t mean you just take one deep breath then move on. I mean we take time to catch our breath and allow our mind to clear. This kind of running rampant seems to always happen during mid-terms and finals whether it is grad school or undergrad. It’s not stress it is just that there is so much going on at one time I know I don’t have time for anything else, but as an experienced person with seeing and observing stress and being a super busy person at times I know how important taking that few moments just to allow yourself to clear your mind and to relax yourself.


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