So today was the First Day of Spring. And yall know what that means???? RITA’S ITALIAN ICE. So when I was a Junior at RMC the InterVarsity chapter took a trip to Camden New Jersey to do some inner city work. The day before we actually started out work we explored around Philadelphia and we came across the Original Rita’s Italian Ice. It is the most deliciously sweet treat I have ever had. Anyways on the first day of Spring the give out free regular size Italian Ice’s to everyone who comes in. Now before today it had been about a year or so since I have had one and when I heard some people were going I immediately jumped at the chance to go. So we went and on our trip there were five of us and two people had never had Italian Ice before and  we were trying to describe what it was and none of us could really formulate the words to describe it. It is originally called water ice. It is not the consistency of a sno-cone and is too frozen to be water and the flavors are so sweet and delicious. However when we were trying to describe we couldn’t formulate thoughts besides it is mind-blowing (because face it if you have had Rita’s you know it is).

This reminds me of how we often define God. Not that it is a bad thing, sometimes things are so great and grand that we can’t help but use such vague terms to describe them. When Non-Christians ask me “What is believing in God like or what is he like in general?” I often answer that he is awesome or it is a sweet life. It becomes so hard to really describe that feeling or what it actually is. Again not that it is a bad thing because we show the passion towards what we are talking about by the adjectives we use. So don’t be afraid to use your passion to describe something often times it can excite others as well.


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