So today i had class downtown at Mount Vernon Square in Washington D.C. The last time I had class down there (about a month ago) I was involved in somewhat of a car accident on my bike where i was nicked by a car and in a sense run off the road and bumped into a fence. Now I know we have all been in car wrecks and had our lives flash before our eyes. This was one of those incidents where that moment struck a bit of fear in me. When I was going to class today and coming back I was somewhat paranoid about cars that were coming past me and some of them too close for comfort even if I wasn’t petrified. As I approached the scene of the accident I let out a prayer to God to protect me as the event relived in my head. I made it home alright, but in my mind it took a lot of will power.

Now I am generally a exude a somewhat fearless attitude (I can’t explain it i just do). While on the inside I am freaking out I try to show others that I am fine. How do I do this you ask? Well I simply pray about it. I leave it all to God and let him take control. Now I do have moments that I often ponder over even after I give it to God and I don’t do nothing and pretend God is gonna solve all my problems without me doing anything (come on I’m not that naive haha). However I let God take the fear of having to conquer this quest without him. With God’s help we can overcome any fears we may have. Often times I forget this like the first part of my ride home today when I was perpetually scared of cars. However, when stuff does become too much prayer has become my go to in that situation. I often find that I have a much more relaxed attitude when I allow God to help me with stuff, and this gets back to the self-care I was talking about a couple weeks ago.

So just remember God is there to help. In fact he wants to help…so let him.


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