Today I went fishing with my future brother-in-law. This was only my third time fishing which is weird to think because I grew up at the beach. However, I surfed instead of fished. Anyways learning how to fish has taught me more about patience than I learned doing most anything else. When we first got out to where we were fishing today we were yielding pretty much nothing. We fished for probably about an hour and a half before we caught our first fish then we had another long gap before we caught our second one. However, after that second fish we began reeling them in one after another and pretty much catching a fish every time we cast our lines out. Anytime i fish i remember how Jesus told the disciples he would make them fishers of men. Now that takes patience. Evangelism can be such a difficult thing because it is something that takes time. So whenever you think about Evangelism try to imagine something that takes a lot of patience. Something that you really have to dedicate yourself to. Much like fishing where you must be focused on that bobber and that line for when it goes under you must also be patiently vigilant with people you evangelize too.


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