You ever go places and think “Wow God’s creation is beautiful.” Pretty much anytime I spend outdoors especially at camps or nature kind of places I always sit back and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. This weekend I am at the camp Westview on the James in Goochland, VA. I enjoy coming to this camp primarily because of all the good memories I have here (like meeting my fiancé). But most of all it allows me time in nature and a time to be outdoors. Having grown up in the city the good ole outdoors is refreshing, and especially now with being in one of the biggest, most populated cities in the country nature has become a friend of mine. I try and go for long bike rides and get away from DC sometimes, but then there are times like this where I get to go somewhere that is truly in the middle of nowhere and I can breath. Even though I am with other people I consider it a personal retreat for myself and I almost always come back a bit more refreshed (I feel because I am breathing better air). So find that place that is away from the hecticness of your life and allow yourself to breath.


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