Biblical Storytelling

I enjoy biblical storytelling. I often do a little bit of it when I preach. I love finding new ways to express a scripture that is not reading directly out of the Bible (while the Bible is nice sometimes it is nice to add a little character to it). In my speech class this week we had to present a story from the Bible in this method of speaking scripture. As I prepared my story I tried to think of the different ways I could express the story and what each way of telling the story portrayed and said about God and his message to us. In learning about Biblical storytelling this is the point. While we may hear the scriptures expounded upon in a sermon there is something about biblical storytelling that allows someone to really see the story from a different angle. Much with life when we have an event that seems strange to us or something happens to someone that we don’t understand. If we change our perspective we can gain new knowledge about the situation that could allow us to see the big picture differently.


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