Dream Big

So for really the first time in my life I am following American Idol. When this season started I flipped to it one night and as a student of music in college i found the music very interesting and as with any show I became enticed by it and kept watching. As I watched those first few episodes where people come and try out I thought of the guts it takes to audition in front of steven tyler, jennifer lopez, and randy jackson. I’d be terrified. But why should we be. The continuous thing i see in American Idol is people going after a dream. Whether they win or they get sent home during Hollywood week they have done more than most people could ever dream of. We cannot set limitations on our dreams. God has a plan for us and if we set limitations on that plan we are disgracing god. So if you have something that you know you want go for it. Even if it is as far-fetched as trying out for American Idol.


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