Getting used to it

I am currently getting back into working out and running again. I am slowly realizing that I need to be in better shape so I am taking initiative while my age is young. It is often hard to start something that has become fairly foreign to you. While I run on occasion I have not had a consistent running schedule in almost 4 years. So getting back into one is proving very difficult. There are days where i really don’t feel like running but I have to use my will power to get out and crank out my milage for the day. Goals also help when it comes to getting back into a rhythm. I have set short term and long term goals to help motivate me now, but also to keep me motivated for the long run.

These ideas can transition to evangelism as well. Often times we can get settled into an idea of contentness with the people who are in the church and we forego evangelizing to people, and we lose our will to evangelize. But we need to realize that we should always be evangelizing. These practices wont come natural right away, but it is often something that we have to work on everyday before it becomes second nature. It also often helps to set both short term and long term goals to help you accomplish what God calls all of us to do.

So if you haven’t done it in a while don’t worry we are all a little rusty at times, but don’t let that discourage you.

Because Practice makes Perfect.


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