Well I haven’t been real faithful to this blog. In all honesty I forgot about it. Primarily because I have been bogged down with trying to do papers and finals and studying and following general conference most of the rest of my life has fallen from the waist-side. I will not make any comments on the General Conference, but will save that for tomorrow possibly if i have time to collect my thoughts on it. However, my topic tonight is on faithfulness. Primarily because in two of my final exams (both of which were take home) I was asked to answer a question that dealt with faithfulness. On my Church History exam I was asked to define my criteria for faithfulness, and on my Hebrew Bible exam in examining Ruth I noticed lots of themes of faithfulness.

Faithfulness is often a topic that is skirted around because we all assume we are faithful. But faithful to what. What is our cause? What is our goal? Now most of you may be thinking how can being faithful have a cause or goal? Well faithfulness is the act of being faithful and faithful means loyal or constant or steadfast. Often times we are faithful to our religion or faithful to a specific cause, but are we faithful to God? DO we allow ourselves to put our trust in God. In the book of Ruth we find a woman, Naomi, who is confronted with so much despair. She is forced to move to Moab during a famine in Judah and her sons marry Moab woman. Then her husband and her two sons die and she is left with nothing. Except two daughter-in-laws one of which who remains with her. By the end of the story her fears of starvation and protection are answered when Ruth finds and marries Boaz. Look at the faithfulness in this story. Naomi does not give up she continually places her trust in God. Shouldn’t faithfulness being an all giving thing. If we can’t give our whole selves to God how can we consider ourselves faithful to him. Now this is not something that is picked up overnight, but it is a process that we put ourselves through to bring us closer to God. We cannot get frustrated in this process or it will bog us down and turn us away. However we need to remember the cause that we are faithful for and it is God.


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