Work to be done

Spiritual Disciplines are often a way for us to connect with God. These Spiritual disciplines represent things from disciplines of abstinence and disciplines of engagement. Things from fasting to silence and from worship to prayer. It can even be representative of a personal and even corporate disciplines. We often never think about how much time we spend in spiritual disciplines nonetheless personal spiritual disciplines. This idea was challenged by a member of the Virginia Delegation at Jurisdictional Conference.

On Thursday morning of my week at Jurisdictional Conference the Virginia Conference gathered for a photo to memorialize our time at Lake Junaluska we began to discuss something that Young Jin Cho had mention during his episcopal nominee address on Tuesday. He had mention that if elected Bishop he would require all clergy to spend ONE HOUR a day in the spiritual disciplines and more specifically personal spiritual disciplines as a way to keep their minds spiritually focused. One clergy from our Conference decided it would be a good idea for those of us at Lake Junaluska should take on this action as a way to pray for our new bishop no matter who it was. So another one of our delegates developed a covenant for us to show our commitment to this action of 1 hour of personal spiritual discipline a day. Now in thinking this seems like an impossible task. I initially thought “A whole hour? What am I supposed to do that long?” It is tough to think about doing some sort of spiritual discipline for an hour. But then again there are so many spiritual disciplines how can it be so hard to fill an hour by doing any of these things.

As I have been trying to do this since friday I have been finding really how difficult this is. I can’t imagine how others are finding this covenant we have made, but for me it is off to an interesting start. Interesting in that I often find myself trying to fill the time. Not with useless stuff, but finding different ways in which I can personally and in my own way communicate with God. I have gone on a nice little run and then spend time out in nature in conversation with God. I’ve also spent time playing my guitar in personal worship to God or in devotion and diving into the Bible. As this journey continues I will continue to learn the ways in which I can engage myself in spiritual disciplines I will continue to learn what works for me. As many of the other people will learn how to fill their hour as well. However we also are leaving this covenant open to whoever wants to participate in it. I know that spiritual disciplines can be tough to train yourself in, but taking a step of faith to improve your relationship with God. As I have come through my first year of seminary I have been learning about these spiritual disciplines.

I have been involved in a covenant discipleship group and began my involvement in these disciplines. However, nothing to this magnitude. When this covenant came before me I knew it would be work, but I was very willing to try anything to stretch my bounds. There is still much work I need to do in order to be able to subconsciously do this task, but it is also about taking the step to move toward this type of devotion.

For those who would like to be involved in this covenant can follow the link below and read the covenant and sign if willing


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