My Journey

As my third semester of seminary is in full swing i begin to think of where I am in my faith journey and in my journey towards ministry. I have begun a semester that is full of work. I am taking 14 credit hours, including classes like theology and methodist history and doctrine, and I am serving at a church in Fairfax Station, Va. This to say I have a very busy schedule right now, and I am often running from one thing to another and in constant motion. This often makes spiritual growth almost non-existent because of my many time-constraints on my schedule. In July I committed to spending an hour of my day in the spiritual disciplines. Now I do spend my hour in this time, but I feel as though due to the speed that my brain is running in processing what I need to do I often feel as though my spiritual discipline time is not as authentic as it could be.

As I reflected this morning on how my journey in ministry is going along I reflected on my spiritual disciplines. I came to the realization of this inauthenticity. I feel as though my spiritual time is something I do because I feel obligated to do so because I signed the covenant with my conference. Now I know that this is wrong and as I realized this I felt like I had let down the members of the Virginia Conference Jurisdictional Delegation who wrote this covenant.

Thusly my journey has come to a moment where I have realized that my devotional time with God is not authentic and has become a time that I have to fill a requirement. This is a problem that many Christians encounter. How do we stay authentic when things become monotonous? I believe that this can happen by keeping an authentic mindset when you spend this time with God. Just because you do something a lot or everyday does not mean you can center yourself into an authentic moment. Monotony brings us into a state of boredom with what we are doing some activities become meaningless. However, we need to put meaning into spending time with God and allowing ourselves to realize that this time of our day is more than something to check off a list, but in fact time we get to spend with our creator (how awesome is that?).


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