It’s the Olympics

Ok so I know the Olympics ended like a month and a half ago, but I just had these thoughts pop in my mind this morning as I spent my time with God.

I cant even comprehend what it means to be a competitor at the Olympics. it is the penultimate sporting event where the best athletes in the world are determined. I have watched every Olympiad since Atlanta in 1996 and I have become very knowledgable in Olympic lore in a few number of sports. Ever since 1996 really I have had primarily one dream. To be an Olympic athlete. While I have heard other calls and I have had other smaller dreams my ultimate dream has always been my biggest one. Now I am probably safe in assuming that I am joined by about a billion other Americans who have this same dream. It is however something I have really wanted and every time I watch the Olympics I think of being there and competing. Then right after they’re over I begin to plot in my head my next move and how I will participate in them in four years. I lay out sports i could do and ways to qualify and I dream of being those places and representing our country. Then sure enough four years later I am sitting on my couch watching. Now I know I am not alone in this ritual of wanting to be an Olympian. Sometimes people plan this and it happens and they make it and that gives me hope. However I am never there. Dreams are what keep us going that give us something to hope for and something to look forward to.

I just started an internship at Christ Church in Fairfax Station and as part of my internship I have three learning goals that I and my learning partners at the church have worked out. These are my goals of what I hope to accomplish in the next year at this church. Things like starting small groups or goals within the youth group and even expanding my experience in church activities such as meetings and worship planning. Now while these goals are not Olympic size dreams the are dreams nonetheless.

Dreams are an important part of life  and give our minds something to strive for in our daily lives. When we make dreams for ourselves we make goals, and we set forth a plan to execute this dream. Now as I ponder what my dreams at church would look like if planned them out like I do my dream of going to the Olympics. When I make my plan for the Olympics I am often meticulous about the steps I will take to get to the Olympics. I lay it out really well. However, often for me it is the execution where things begin to go wrong. When it comes to dreams it is important that we do execute them. While my Olympic dreams are probably little more than a far off dream it is not the dream that matters and that is probably why my motivation not to finish it. However, my motivation to do my dreams in church can carry me to do that I have wanted to do.

SO I encourage you to analyze your dreams and determine where your motivation for them are. And when you make have a dream I urge you to make every dream and Olympic-size dream. One that seems so big it will affect the world. Then allow your dreams to change the world (even if it is just your world.


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