Fall is here

Ok I know fall started on September 22, but as it continues to cool down and the leaves really start to change colors it begins to hit me that fall is here and summer is just a fleeting memory. Fall is what I like to call a changing season because it transitions us from summer to winter. Much like spring transforms us from winter to summer. However, I always find these transitional times of the year to be the most beautiful. In the fall we have the changing colors of the trees and my mind is reminded of the many times i would drive home from Randolph-Macon and all the trees lining Interstate-64 are different shades of yellow and orange and red.

Fall is beautiful however as i mentioned before it is a changing season that leads us to winter. However, unlike spring which is a time for life and growing things, fall is a time when things die and things fade away. While I enjoy all of the cooling weather and changing colors I am also reminded of all that is missing from my life and all that has passed. Now I have not experienced a whole lot of deaths in my life, but I have experienced pain and fleeting memories that make me think about the loss of fall. We all experience loss in some way or another and at time it may seem tough and difficult to get through, but we must always realize that God is with us and he is helping us. I remember when I hurt my knee and I couldn’t walk and I was in pain I was wondering if I would ever walk again. It is this kind of heartache that makes me think of fall and the uncertainty that comes with the changing of season and the death that surrounds us.

Pain in our lives can seem never-ending and can hurt terribly, but we can not allow ourselves to fall away from God. This is primarily because God is always there for us. Even if we don’t believe God is there helping us get through what is happening in our lives. However if we do not allow God into our lives during the pain the pain can consuming and can ultimately hurt our overall relationship with God.

But remember that fall doesn’t stick around forever we can move on from the deaths or instances of severe doubt God can bring us to a point where we know it is alright. Where we can trust his guide for our lives. We can move from fall and believe that we will be fine and that God is the one who is helping. It is like the poem Footprints in the Sand, we must remember that when we feel alone God is still there. In fact he is the one who is carrying us through the hardships.


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