Getting Mail

Our technological society has made communication between two people, even if they are thousands of miles apart, so much more easier than it was 20 years ago. It used to be the only means of communication between people was the US Post Service (USPS). Then home telephones came along and the USPS began to take a back seat. Then computers and people began to be able to email and IM and chat online. Then we got cell phones and we could call and text people from anywhere. Now we have smartphones and we can do pretty much everything from our phones…except send mail through the US Postal Service. We can communicate in so many ways nowadays that are quick and efficient and often times more reliable, but there is something about snail mail that makes us happy. When my wife and I began dating she worked at a summer camp and she said that she enjoyed getting mail, so I sent her mail. She still always enjoys getting mail. And she is not alone lots of people still enjoy getting mail even with the numerous amounts of other means of communication that there are available.

Opening mail can be like opening a Christmas present. While you might think you know what is inside there is a level of mystery about the contents until you open it and see what is inside. Now snail mail is often something to wait for. While it isn’t as personable it shows that the person cares enough to take time to send something to you.

I imagine God’s prayer system as somewhat of a mail service. We send him our prayers and he answers them. However, often times it may take a while for prayers to be answered, but when they are it is like when we get mail. It is an exciting event when God gives us answer. I know when I send something via mail service I am always hoping and praying it gets there alright so the person can properly respond. Have you ever had this thought with prayer? Sometimes we get discouraged because we think God isn’t answering our prayers and it makes us think whether God even received them. However, we know that the postal service is still one of the most reliable ways to send mail. Prayer is the same it is the most reliable way to communicate with God. Sometimes his answers are a bit more subtle than others.

So we must pay attention in our lives for God’s answers much like we check the mailbox daily for any signs of mail. We also must be patient. Sometimes like mail our prayers are not answered right away, but sometimes takes time. However, don’t get discouraged because remember the mail makes it to its destination and God is the kind of person that always answers.


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