I’m a Big Fan

Well it’s here the MLB Playoffs are upon us and it causes me to think about loyalties. Now if you pay attention to sports you probably have a favorite team. Mine are the Boston Red Sox. Now think about your loyalty to that team… Well if your like me that loyalty may look a little odd to other people. You often have little quirky superstitions and things you do to make sure that they win. We get so entranced in our teams it forms how we do things in the rest of our lives. I am reminded of the movie Fever Pitch where the main character is somewhat obsessed with the Red Sox. The Red Sox run his whole life. He bases his activities around his team. I can think of many times in my life where I based my life around the Sox (The 2004 World Series is an example).

Now imagine if we brought this passion into the church? I Imagine a church where people love coming and rework their schedules around things of the church. They passionately talk about the church and no all the intricate facts about it. We follow God with a passion that shows we are true and die-hard fans. I am not speaking against being sports fans and take up God instead. primarily because sports are fun to root and cheer for. However, I see a day when we take that passion we put in our sports teams and we put that kind of passion into God.

How do we do this? Well I think we must examine ourselves in order to show where our strengths are in our faith walks. What are the gifts that we bring into ministry settings and how can we change peoples lives. I would also analyze your passions in life and what you put towards those passions. Now not everybody are big and die-hard sports fans, but everyone has something that they follow with a passion. Examine that passion. What makes it a passion of yours? When people ask you about it what do you say to them? How much passion do you put towards that? Now ask those same questions of your passion for God. If the answers don’t quite match-up look at your first answers and see if there are ways to describe God in ways that you describe your passion. Use the same excitement for both.

I think it is important that we do use passion and excitement to share the word of God. If we don’t then it just becomes something that seems boring and monotonous to other people who are listening to us. And why would someone want to get on board with something that seems to bore the person who is selling it to them. Imagine those charismatic preachers who put so much passion and excitement into their sermons. Now we see so many people following them, and there is a reason because they put this energy and excitement that most people put into cheering and talking about our sports teams.

So try and think of what we are big fans of and imagine how we present our fanhood of these things. And take the qualities of that fanhood and input that into our fanhood of God so that all people can see that we truly are die-hard fans of God.


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