Day 8

So I didn’t do a post yesterday because it was mostly a day off. However, we did do something so I thought I would share that today.

Yesterday we did work with the community action group we heard from on Friday. We worked with VOICE and went and knocked on doors to let people know about bad mortgages that they had received. We were letting them know that there was help for them to get modifications or refinances with the insurance company to make it more able to work with what they have. For many reasons people have trouble paying their mortgage. The problem is these people didn’t make a bad decision often times they were lured into a bad deal for a mortgage. This has become a big problem since the collapse of the housing market in 2008 and has caused many problems in Prince William County, and other parts of the country as well. To learn more go to the VOICE website (

That wrapped up a fairly uneventful Saturday.

Today we got right back to work and had worship along with lunch and a sharing time with members of Rising Hope UMC. Worship was absolutely amazing. As I mentioned last week the energy that is in that sanctuary is absolutely amazing. We began worship with “Jesus is the Rock and he Rolls My Blues Away” and it was rocking. Everyone was singing and clapping and just jumping for joy. We ended worship with “Days of Elijah” and again the energy was almost unheard of. It is so awesome to go to church and not have it seem like it is monotonous or like they had been drug there. These people at Rising Hope truly enjoy worshiping. If only more people enjoyed church like these people we wouldn’t be having as many discussions about declining membership.

We also had an opportunity to listen to stories of members of Rising Hope. I know for myself this was helpful, because I did not feel completely comfortable asking people what their problems were or how they became homeless. I felt that to be an invasion of privacy and I had not build up the relationship to go that deep with them. However, we had a chance to get to know a few members and where they came from. What happened to them and what drew to Rising Hope. This allowed us to really see what Rising Hope’s impact on the community is. It was so inspiring to hear these stories. It made me realize how important Rising Hope’s ministries is.

Tomorrow we return back to the work we were doing a lot of last week. I look forward to learning more this week and having many more experiences to take away from this week.


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