Day 11

All of this work is really beginning to wear on all of us on our Immersion. We have been here for 11 days now and you can see that we are all worn out. We have people beginning to get sick and people who are constantly tired and worn out. As our time has worn on we have seen all sorts of temperature changes in the community. As it begins to get colder outside we not only begin to see problems with our own care, but we begin to see the homeless community begin to get sick and have problems as well. It is really telling that time is just wearing on as we continue this Immersion. While we have been only sleeping on the floor of a church for a week and a half, these people have been doing it for months and before that they were on the streets. We have the luxury of getting checked out. But who is caring for these people. What is being done to help them.

Last night as I was on my police ride-along I discussed with my police officer about the homelessness in Fairfax County. He said that the police officers try and do a lot to help out the homeless, because he feels they need it. He expressed that they try to take care of the homeless people on the streets. He said that he had often brought them meals or brought them a jacket in the winter. This is the kind of help homeless people need. There is a severe disconnect between people and homelessness. It is great to see the police helping, but what else is being done for these people.

I see organizations like Rising Hope and I see hope, but I see that there are so many more instances in our society. I also see Rising Hope and while they do so many things there are so many services there are just ways it becomes tough. It is times in the dead of winter where it takes more than the church. These people truly need friends and family to take care of them. It is great the church is creating this environment, but my saddest thoughts are towards those who have family issues. They do not have a support system to help get them through all of these problems.

Homelessness is rampant in our country. It is all over the place. What can we do to help these people?

I think the best we can do is befriend them and be a beacon of light for them in an otherwise dark time.


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