Returning to “Normal” life

It seems like every time I go on a mission trip, or a retreat, or some kind of spiritual awakening experience I always reflect on returning back to “normal” life. What does this mean. Do we need to return back to what we know as “normal”?

For those of you who have been keeping up I just returned from a 2-week Immersion on the Route 1 corridor of Fairfax County, Va. I had so many positive experiences from this Immersion and as I have mentioned on several occasions my life has been changed. However, now I have to return back to my life. My “normal” life. On Wednesday I start another semester of seminary and I also return back to Christ Church to continue my internship there. All of these activities are what I am calling “normal.” These activities along with other varying activities occupy my time. However, do we really want to be in this “normal” lifestyle?

I truly believe that my life is different having gone on this Immersion, and I do not want to return back to my “normal” life. Instead of thinking of returning back to “normal” I would prefer to believe that I am returning back to my activities with an initiative. My life is not “normal” anymore because of my experiences. Therefore, I do not want to return back to what I had before. I want to come back and insert my experiences into my daily life. I want people to notice that my life has truly changed.

Knowing this we must all keep this in mind. We can never return back to our “normal” lives after a heart changing experience. If we do we do a dishonor to God and God’s plan for our lives. God brings us to these mountaintop experiences and feelings so that we can go back down to the valleys and share them with everyone else who was not there.

Much like when Moses was on Mount Sinai. I can only imagine the experience he had with God up there. However, he had to come back down. He could not stay up there forever. In order to fill out God’s plan for creation he had to return and share what God had taught him upon the mountain. I want to be able to come down from this mountain and not forget the people I met and the faces I saw. I want others to know of these lost and forgotten communities and make sure that they are never lost or forgotten again. However, I cannot do that by returning back to a “normal” life.

I can never be the same again!!!


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