Like No One Is Watching

This Youtube video is for the David Crowder song “Oh Praise Him.” Watch the video then read on.

As I live my life I am often listening to music, and when I do I usually listen to Christian music. I am sure that there are a lot of people who listen to Christian music sometimes, but what is the difference between listening to it on our iPod or iPhone and listening to it in worship. Have you ever seen anybody just break out in worship and sing out loud on a street corner with their headphones in their ears, or sitting on the bus and just lift their hands and praise God?

We tend to leave worship at church and separate it from our lives outside. We do so many things outside of church. We do service, devotion, prayer. Some of these things we do in private, but never really do we just worship no matter where we are. Even if we do worship how likely are we to do it for everyone to see. While we may be listening to Christian music on our iPods can that not be a moment of worship for us, and if so should we not want to share that with those who are around us? I know there are many ways in which we worship, but in this instance I am referring to singing and praising.

Worship can be a moving experience for us. A certain song, phrase, chorus, or even note can hit us in a way that can change our lives, but why are we so hesitant to let others see us worship? Even in worship at church we sometimes hold back. We hold back because we allow what we do be dictated by how we think others are observing us. Why do we allow our insecurities to get in the way of not only showing God how much we love him, but also showing others how much we love God?

Imagine listening to your favorite song while walking down the street and you just stop, lift up your hands, and truly worship. People might think you are crazy, but they might also observe that you love God so much that you are willing to look crazy. Psalm 69:34 says,

“Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them.”

We have been created to praise this wonderful creator God, and it seems odd that we allow our worship to be stifled by the idea of looking different, or attracting attention. Do you think David cared what he looked like as he danced wildly (2 Samuel 6)? Did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abindigo care what they looked like when they chose to worship God instead of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 3)? Or do you even think that the early church cared what would happen when they worshiped (Acts)?

The Bible is full of stories of people who are willing to let it all go to show God the glory that is deserved. Why are we so hesitant?

For me it is often out of fear. I will admit that I am constantly afraid of what other people think of me. Even complete strangers who I have never met. I want the only impressions people who pass me on the streets have is that I am just a regular, normal person. I often make no effort to show my faith unless I have set out with that mindset, and even then I am just stopping and talking to people. However, to worship I am afraid someone would think I was crazy and weird.

But are we not called to be different and set an example?

What stops you from surrendering yourself to God in worship?


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