The Real Kingdom of Heaven

As I stand up here to preach a sermon on Christian Unity I reflect on the manner in which I feel unqualified in this context today to preach on unity. My mind fills with thoughts of how a Caucasian man preaching in an African American church has little ground to preach about what it truly … Continue reading The Real Kingdom of Heaven


Redemptive Forgiveness

In 1948 the country of South Africa was plunged into an oppressive time known as Apartheid. During this time the ruling, white, class oppressed the people of other races all across the country. Plunging most of the South African society into a racially segregated society that allowed white people to thrive and punished people of … Continue reading Redemptive Forgiveness

Living with the Spirit

Today we work ourselves back in the creed to the part we skipped over last week. I want to begin by saying that when I skipped over the section on the Spirit last week it is not because the Spirit is unimportant in our faith, rather I saw an opportunity to connect God’s word to … Continue reading Living with the Spirit

Community Together Forever

I spent the better part of 8 years fighting my call to ministry. It wasn’t necessarily an outward fight that people would have seen, and most people may not have even known it was going on. However, in all that I went through, in my ups and downs of high school and college, there was … Continue reading Community Together Forever