Scandal of Grace

When I was growing up there was something special about each and every time I took Communion. I could never explain it fully, but every time I went to the table and received the bread and juice I…just felt something. Never sure how to explain it I always would call it a mystery. The feeling … Continue reading Scandal of Grace


Transfigured by the Journey

At the end of the first book in his Lord of the Rings series, JRR Tolkien, writes of an interaction between the main protagonist Frodo Baggins and his companion and friend Samwise Gamgee or Sam. In this scene the entire Fellowship of the Ring, that is this group tasked by the elves to ensure The … Continue reading Transfigured by the Journey

Making Disciples

I have not been on a lot of mission trips during my life, and so it makes the ones I have been on more memorable. In fact I remember the first ever, actual, mission trip I ever went on. It was Spring Break my sophomore year of college. I went on a mission trip with … Continue reading Making Disciples